Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

2017 Provincial Annual Meeting

What an absolutely fantastic day we all enjoyed. The amount of hard work, planning and dedication by the Secretariat and the Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge plus all the usual helpers really paid off with a memorable occasion participated in by everyone in attendance. From the Opening Procession through those of the Honoured Guests, Nonagenarians, Masters, Commanders and Advancees and all the way to the closing of Provincial Grand Lodge the afternoon went as smooth as silk with those little “asides” which we all love. W. Bro Wes Holland conducted the ceremonial with his usual flair and panache and his team were in no small way responsible for the smooth running of all the Appointments.

Congratulations to W. Bro Charlie Newman, the Mad Axeman who was awarded the Provincial Grand Master’s special award. Congratulations, also, to W. Bro Tom Quinn, VW. Bro Jerry and W. Bros Henry, Cliff and Tim who were all reappointed as Deputy and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters.

We were honoured by the presence of RW. Bro John Prizeman, Deputy Grand Master and RW Bro John Wright, President of the Mark Benevolent Fund, the Grand Secretary, RW Bro Ryan Williams and the Grand Director of Ceremonies, VW Bro Philip Purves who were all greeted with great acclaim.

The Banquet was held in the grand Connaught Rooms where VW Bro Jerry Gangadeen made sufficient of his famous Rum cake to keep everyone happy and a personalised cake was presented to RW Bro John Prizeman and a “Heads and Tails” competition for another cake raised over £1,300.00 for the MBF Charity.

575 Members dined which was a magnificent turn out to dine with over 800 attending the meeting.

See you all next year.

Reporting by Chris James, Richard Veness, John Maund and Rob Machin

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