Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

APGM Tom Quinn and Delegation visit Brixton Lodge 23 February 2016

Tom Quinn APGM visited Brixton Lodge where the main item of business was to rehearse the Advancement Ceremony as the Lodge is expecting to have a candidate at its next meeting. The evening was a particularly busy one for the staff of 86 St James Ltd as there was a huge number of diners throughout the building that night. As will be seen, the Brixton Members and the Delegation, dined in one of the 3rd floor Temples which had been efficiently converted after the Lodge had vacated. A novel experience and the dinner was enjoyed by all, including the impromptu visit by RW Bro David Ashbolt and VW Bro Jerry Gangadeen, as can be seen by the happy smiling faces around the Festive Board.

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