Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Assistance for a Double Advancement asked for and well delivered at Pickwick Lodge on Wed 15th June

A call for assistance from Pickwick Lodge was answered by W Bro Alan Underhill and W Bro Alan Wakeford from the London Mark Provincial Stewards Lodge and W Bro David Stiff and W Bro Chris Metherell from the Grand Masters Lodge of Instruction. Acting as SO, SD,SW and MO respectively.

It was a double Advancement with candidates Adrian Bicknell(Age 45) and Alex Stephen(Age 87). It was interesting as Alex was very limited in his mobility. He took part in the main sections seated. However the lodge and both candidates felt that they had received an excellent Advancement.

The members of Pickwick Lodge would like to give an enormous vote of thanks to all the Brethren named above who were massively proactive in making the ceremony the colossal success it was.

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