Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Bon Accord TI hosts an Excellent Advancement, and a rather strange “Barbershop Duet” (Click to open)

W Bro Tim MacAndrews and his Delegation were very well received by all. The Advancement of Bro Noel was conducted by the WM in a splendid manner and was enjoyed by everyone there. After some general Business, the Lodge was called off and guests were received and settled themselves in for the main “Bout” of the evening.

W Bro Edoardo El Attrache has raised in excess of £3000.00 towards the Mini-bus Appeal and tonight was the culmination of this. With the (able?) assistance of W Bro Attilio Grandani (Sweeny Todd) The Italia Job took place. Not a bank robbery but a very humorous and light headed (sorry about the pun) head shaving by Attilio of Edoardo. We had many Members from both Grand and Provincial Grand Lodge (RW Bro Raymond Smith AGM, RW Bro David Ashbolt PGM, W Bro Henry Hobson APGM, Charlie the Axeman) plus far too many to relate here! We were also able to receive Bro Marco and his Lovely assistant who came in to see this hair-raising adventure.

W Bro Edoardo took it all in the spirit of Charity and proved again that ONE Man, ONE Mason can make a difference. Thank you to Bon Accord, Attilio and Edoardo for a very memorable occasion.

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