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Bro Carl Fazackerley volunteering in the frontline against COVID-19

This is Loyalty Fellowcraft and future member of Loyalty Mark 1989, Bro Carl Fazackerley. Carl teaches A-level History at a South London Academy and regularly volunteers with St John Ambulance. He operates as an Area Manager for Universities (South London division) and since the closure of his Academy due to COVID-19 he has thrown himself into the frontline with St John.
As the pressure on our NHS has increased significantly since the outbreak, St John Ambulance crews – with the updated fleet supplied by Mark Master Masons across the country – have been co-opted to assist in the emergency transport of patients. Carl will be undertaking the role of a Response Blue Light Driver from 18:00 on Monday 23 March.
I am sure I speak for all Mark Masons when I express the pride in what we all achieved by supplying the fleet initially. That pride is then augmented when we have one of our own being so instrumental in the deployment of that fleet during such a crisis event.
Carl’s 3rd Degree at Loyalty Craft 1607 was due to have taken place on Saturday 4 April and his Advancement into Loyalty 1989 was to be carried out at our September meeting. There of course will be a delay, but you can’t keep a good man down! Watch this space for news of his entrance into the Loyalty Lodge of Mark Master Masons of London No.1989 and why not book a place to support this extraordinary man as he begins his Mark journey.

Text: Martin Vidler

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