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Donation to City Harvest charity

We have donated £10,000 to the charity City Harvest and our Provincial Charity Steward has received this email of thanks:

City Harvest will put to use immediately to nourish London’s most vulnerable people. We are delivering food to over 300 charities in London including homeless shelters, soup kitchens, children programs, and refuges for those fleeing domestic violence which prior to this crisis served nourishing meals to people without access to food for themselves or their families. During this Crisis many of our partners have changed format and are ensuring that our food is used to prepare meals to hand out safely in takeaway form or delivered to the homes of isolated people or NHS staff. Demand for our free surplus food donations has surged as a result of the spiralling number of people losing their livelihoods and children losing access to regular school meals. City Harvest is stepping in to meet this need. Since City Harvest launched we’ve delivered almost 10 million nourishing meals and in the last 5 weeks alone we have rescued over 370 tons of surplus food and delivered more than 800,000 meals. Your donation will enable us to deliver more than 40,000 million additional meals in every London borough, helping men, women, and children who would otherwise go hungry.

We so appreciate your support. I hope you will accept our invitation to visit the City Harvest depot when the crisis is behind us so that we can show you our work first-hand so that you can see the impact that you have made.

Laura Winningham
CEO, City Harvest London

A document explaining more about the work of City Harvest can be found here.

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