Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Full Team Visit by PGM RW Bro David Ashbolt plus Delegation Members to Royal Colonial Institute Lodge

R W Bro David Ashbolt was accompanied by a good sized Delegation for the presentation of the Axe for the Platinum Award for the Mini-bus Appeal and to attend the Advancement of Bro Stephen Waller. W Bro Winston Trotman relinquished the Chair in favour of W Bro Peter Hayes who performed an excellent Ceremony. VW Bro Aby Obadiah stood in at the last minute as Senior Deacon and was exceptional in that role. The whole atmosphere was buzzing with good humour and must have been very welcoming to the Advancee.

The Festive Board was excellent and all departed MMH in great spirits.

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