Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

John Waggott

Born in Alston, Cumbria in 1964, John spent his formative years on the opposite side of the country in the village of Stainton on the outskirts of Middlesbrough.
He spent a year not studying Physics as an undergraduate before a period working as a Youth & Community worker. In early 1985 he left the smoke for London to start a career in IT, initially with the DTI then various other IT organisations. The last 23 years have been spent as a professional services consultant working in the field of enterprise metadata solutions and what has been recently been re-branded “Data Intelligence”.
A relative newcomer to Freemasonry, John was Raised in 2015, and Advanced into Hibernia Lodge soon after. Currently (as of 2019) he is in the chair of Mark, Royal Arch and Craft and also a member of RAM, AMD and R&SM.
Outside of Freemasonry, John is on the Board of Governors at his twins’ secondary school. He enjoys science fiction in its many and varied aspects, plays table-top RPGs and is an avid video gamer. Over the years he has had more hobbies than can be recounted here including astronomy, scuba diving, hang gliding, Judo, HEMA & LARP.
A former boss once introduced John with the words, “Never ask John ‘why?’, because he will tell you in excruciating detail”!

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