Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Presentation of Second minibus to the RMBI home Prince Michael of Kent Court in Watford

On Tuesday 15th July the sun shone brightly as the second minibus from the Mark Province of London was presented to Beverly Roberts the Deputy Manager of the RMBI home, Prince Michael of Kent Court in Watford by R.W. Bro. David Ashbolt PGM of the Mark Province of London

To name but a few we were honoured with the presence of , V.W. Bro. James Shapley, DPGM of Hertfordshire Craft, W. Bro. Richard Walker DPGM of Hertfordshire Mark, W. Bro. John Reuther Dep. President of the RMBI, W. Bro. Peter Williams from the RMBI, Mr. David Innes Chief Executive from the RMBI, W. Bro. Stephen Fenton Provincial Grand Treasurer who signs the cheques, W. Bro. Ian Rainford, W. Bro. Colin Fraser from the Association of Friends of Prince Michael of Kent Court, W. Bro. Geoff Aldridge and his lovely wife, W. Bro. Jagdish Dhadialla wearing his new chain with pride, W. Bro. Rajiv Tanna, one of our new Provincial ADC’s who you will see on delegations and his Dad W. Bro. Biharilal Tanna PDepGM East Africa, W. Bro. Manni Sharma, W. Bro. Trevor Clarke Prov GSec Hertfordshire Mark, W. Bro. Harvey Roland ProvGSec London Mark, W. Bro. Jerry Gangadeen APGM London Mark, W. Bro. Terry Bany PAPGM London Mark and W. Bro. Henry Hobson PAGM London Mark.

There was a great turn out of residents and friends from the RMBI home to welcome the arrival of this splendid new minibus which proudly displayed the logo of the Mark Province of London.

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