Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Scots Mark Lodge on 20th February

The Scots Lodges of RAM and Mark held very successful and happy Meetings on 20th. In the RAM there was a Double Elevation chaired by Tom Quinn supported by Members of the Stewards Lodge who had rallied to the call for assistance for the principal Offices of SW, JW and SD; respectively Graeme McCormack, Alan Underhill and Alan Wakefield. In the Mark Lodge the principal event was the Installation of WBro. John Ellis (flown in from the “Sunny SpanishShore” for the occasion) as WM.

That Ceremony was conducted in a sincere and flawless manner by the Lodge Secretary, W. Bro. Paul Muir. All of course witnessed under the watchful eye of the Deputy PGM Tom Quinn and his very fine Delegation on Tom’s first Official Visit to this fine old Lodge as Deputy PGM. There was a splash of tartan in evidence and as the photographs show everyone enjoyed the day immensely.

Scots Lodge is another of our London Units where numbers are presently low and the opportunity exists for more rapid promotion to the WM’s Chair for Brethren who can display capacity for Ritual and Ceremony. More particularly the Lodge has a long and distinguished history and should appeal to Brethren of Scottish birth or descent, as wearing of Highland Dress or tartan of some kind at each meeting is encouraged. Please contact the Secretary Paul Muir on if you would be interested in Joining or if you have a suitable candidate for Advancement who might be attracted to this unique London aspect of Scots Lodge.

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