Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

APGM W. Bro. Tim MacAndrews together with a Delegation of Provincial Grand Officers visit Kelvin Lodge No 742 on the 7th November 2017.

The APGM, along with those members of the delegation who were able to attend, joined the members of the Kelvin Royal Ark Mariners’ Lodge to witness a very well-conducted Elevation of Bro. Nigel Bostock by W. Bro. Shane Clapham. It was even more memorable by the fact that W. Bro. Shane Clapham only knew that he was to carry out the ceremony as Worshipful Commander that morning due to the unavailability of the current Commander.

After the RAM lodge was closed the temple was rearranged and the Mark lodge was opened. The APGM W. Bro. Tim MacAndrews, together with his delegation, then paraded into the Lodge and were greeted with spontaneous applause. The Lodge having no specific ceremonies to perform the usual housekeeping duties were performed and the Lodge was closed and at the request of the Escorting Officer W. Bro. Tony Clarkson (he said he wanted the practice) the Worshipful Master accompanied by his Wardens and Deacons together with the APGM and his Delegation paraded out of the Temple.

The Brethren then retired to the bar prior to attending the festive board which was a Carvery of roast beef and it being deemed close enough to the festive season, roast turkey. The camaraderie around the festive board was all one would expect from a gathering of Mark Masons, however in recognition of the closeness of Remembrance Sunday Bro. Wayne Larman towards the end of the meal stood and recited (from the heart) the poem “To the Fallen” in full by Robert Laurence Binyon, which was very much appreciated by all the brethren present.

Our thanks to all the members of Kelvin Lodge for a most memorable meeting and festive board.

Richard Veness Provincial photographer


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