Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

The PGM RW. Bro. David Ashbolt attended Gallipoli lodge on 3rd November to consecrate their new Mark Lodge Banner.

The RW. Provincial Grand Master accompanied by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, two Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and a number of Active and Past Provincial Grand Officers visited Gallipoli Lodge to consecrate their new lodge banner.

After the lodge was opened the Provincial Grand Master was announced and entered the lodge in procession. The PGM took the chair and introduced the members of his delegation and immediately proceeded to invite some of the member of his delegation to occupy the chairs of Senior and Junior Wardens, Chaplain, D.C., A.D.C. Secretary and Inner Guard.

Having first ascertained from the Provincial Grand Secretary that the new banner had been approved by the Grand Master it was unveiled and the Provincial Grand Master proceeded with the ceremony. The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies formed an escort comprising of the Worshipful Master, Wardens, Overseers and Deacons of the lodge who exited the lodge and paraded the new banner into the lodge. After it was paraded around the lodge the Deputy Provincial Grand Chaplain gave a moving oration on the origins of banners and the symbolism particular to this new banner which had at its centre a cenotaph inscribed with the words “Peace at Home, Peace in the World”, a sentiment particularly relevant at this time of the year.

After the banner had been formally dedicated by the Provincial Grand Master it was placed into the hands of the Worshipful Master for safe keeping and then placed on a stand to the rear of the Worshipful Master’s chair.

The Provincial Grand Master then vacated the chair in favour the Worshipful Master and the lodge officers resumed their offices and the lodge continued by proceeding with the Installation of the second Master of the lodge and his new officers.

As a small measure of the success of this particular lodge after the Installation ceremony was over the Lodge Secretary announced that he had 28 Grand Lodge Certificates that needed to be presented, much to the consternation to all the Brethren present. Fortunately for the Provincial Grand Master only (only) six Brethren were present so it was a relatively easy task for the Provincial Grand Master to perform.

After the usual group photos the Brethren retired to enjoy a most convivial Carvery lunch.

This new lodge is obviously thriving and it was an absolute delight to visit them on this momentous occasion and we wish them every success in the future.

Richard Veness


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