Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

W. Bro. Cliff Sturt (APGM) makes his first official visit of the new season by attending Mapesbury lodge on the 6th September.

W. Bro. Cliff Sturt accompanied by a number of Provincial Grand Officer were treated to a most excellent ceremony of Advancement by the member of Mapesbury lodge when they attended the lodges meeting on the 6th September. In the chair for the Advancement was W. Bro. Jonathan Cordell the candidates proposer. Assisting the W.M. as the two Deacons who were absent were W. Bro. Jules Greenwall as S.D. and VW. Bro. Tony Gilbert as J.D. W. Bro. Jules Greenwall also assisted the W.M. by instructing the candidate in the signs, token and words of the degree.

After the ceremony was completed and the lodge was closed the usual photos were taken and the newly Advanced Brother Andrew Brown together with members of the lodge and members of the delegation sat down to a very convivial festive board during which the Provincial Grand Master David Ashbolt accompanied by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Tom Quinn popped in claiming that they “just happened to be passing” and wanted to wish everybody well and to welcome the newly Advanced Brother.

Richard Veness

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