Message from our PGM. Grand Masters LOI Annual Festival 25th April 2017

Brethren of the Province of London,
You will recall that last April, London hosted the Annual Festival for the Grand Master’s Lodge of Instruction in the Grand Temple in Great Queen Street. This was a truly magnificent event and was supported by some 500 Brethren. This year’s Festival is being held in Northampton where the President this year will be RW Bro. George Bonham. Naturally I would be delighted to be accompanied to Northampton by a contingent of my own, London Brethren and to this end this Province is providing transport to and from the venue.


Seirios Kokkalis - Mark's own Marathon Man - Sponsor him to run The London Marathon

Sunday, 23 April, 2017 (All day)

Seirios is a lover of running who finally this year got a place in one of the most well celebrated Marathons in the World and will try to break his personal record which is 4 Hours 21 minutes. This year he is supporting the Mark Benevolent Fund - Hope for Tomorrow and he is looking to get some more sponsorship.

London Mark Provincial Grand Officers Mess Friday 19th May 2017

You are cordially invited, with your partner and/or guests, to attend a fun champagne and canapés reception in the magnificent Long Room at the HQ of the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC). The evening will conclude (weather permitting) with a bespoke Beating of the Retreat by the HAC band on the lawn, at which the DGM, Ray Smith, will take the salute. Since the announcement in March that he will become Pro Grand Master in June, this is a tremendous opportunity for us to show our support for him.


The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. David Ashbolt, has asked his Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W Bro. Tom Quinn, PGJD, and W Bro. Tony Harvey, PGSD, to develop plans to found a Scouting Lodge in the Mark Province of London. The aim of the Lodge will be, “to create closer ties between Mark Masonry and Scouting in London”. It will be open to Freemasons who have, or have had in the past, a connection with the Scout Movement in London.


New Cryptic unit for Metropolitan Craft and Chapter Members

Hot off the Press - Initial Communication and early advice of a brand new Cryptic unit for Metropolitan Craft and Chapter Members. This new Council will be styled “Metropolitan Royal and Select Council” and will meet twice a year and dine at Mark Masons Hall. Are you a Metropolitan Mason, a member of the Mark and are already a lover of our beautiful Cryptic Degrees?

Special Opportunity Lodges

There are a small number of Lodges within the Mark Province of London which may be able to provide a relatively rapid progression to the Office of Worshipful Master, for Brethren who demonstrate application and commitment to the Mark Ceremony and Ritual. These Lodges have been designated “Special Opportunity Lodges”


Support Group for London Mark Lodges from the London Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge.

Is your Lodge finding it difficult to fill the offices to carry out a really good Mark Ceremony.
If Yes read on, the London Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge members cant wait to strut their stuff and give demonstrations of Mark ritual. Please consider asking your Secretary to get in contact with either Alan or Edoardo and they will be delighted to organize a team to come to the Lodge's assistance.

Roll of Honour. MBF in support of the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit Appeal

The minibus appeal has supplied 6 mini buses for RMBI Homes and no more are needed. As so many Lodges have indicated that they would like the appeal to continue to give them the chance of reaching the Platinum level and receiving an Axe, it has been decided to let the Appeal continue and all monies donated will go to the MBF in support of the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit Appeal. Check out the Lodge Roll of Honour and see the Lodges that have attained awards. The Bronze award is £25.00 per member, Silver award £50.00, Gold award £75.00, Platinum award £100.00 per member.

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