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A Good News start to a Great New Year

Well, it looks like it’s going to be a year ahead of fond memories and celebrations of some of the good things the Mark degree has, with your help and generosity, achieved so far.

Firstly: back in 2018, at our AGM in July, we made a presentation of a cheque for £13,446 to “Dogs for Good” in memory of RW Bro. Michael Lawson. This amount, which was funded by London Mark and by the generous contribution of the Mark Benevolent Fund, represents the training for a “Dog for Good”. In this instance a black Labrador named “Lawson”.

I am delighted to advise that things are all progressing very well and to bring you all up to date we have received an update on his progress which you can see by clicking here.

Secondly, another instance of where Masonic charity can be seen to be working to alleviate suffering and help those who are ill or who have been injured. The St John’s Ambulance Service is a well known provider of emergency First Aid  assistance throughout the UK, saving hundreds of lives each year. On the Island of Malta the organisation is equally as well known and maintains strong links with their British counterparts. This has led to some great generosity from Masons in general, so click here to find out more about this and our very own Bro John Anderson of MMM of London.

Why have we chosen today to tell you about it? Simple! Today is the feast day of Saint Paul, the Patron Saint of Malta.

Is there an activity which your Lodge, or individual members are involved in to try to make a difference to other peoples’ lives? Tell us about it and we will be only too pleased to let others know of your achievements.

Email to start the ball rolling.

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