Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Aby Obadiah RIP

Once again our Province faces a great sadness. Following on from the demise of one of my predecessors, RW. Bro. David Ivor Williams just before our Annual Provincial Meeting, we have now lost within 3 weeks of my Installation, one of the best known characters and most recognised faces at Mark Masons’ Hall – VW Bro. Aby Obadiah was buried today and in his passing we have lost a true friend to many of us personally and to many of our lodges. Aby was a fount of knowledge in so many Orders of Masonry and a great resource, who enjoyed being called upon to assist with ceremonies and lend his considerable expertise to ensure that meetings proceeded smoothly and that candidates were given a good experience of whatever degree they were joining. A tremendously hard worker, who simply lived and loved to be involved in all that went on behind the doors of 86 St James’s Street and all the temples contained therein. He was the 2018 recipient of the PGM’s Award of Merit. A fitting appreciation for all that he has done for the Mark degree over his many years of service. He will be sorely missed, as the many obituaries to be given in his honour will testify over the coming weeks and months. Donations have been requested by his family for the British Heart Foundation and as you would expect the Province of London will be responding with a generous amount.

Aby’s labours are now ended – may he rest in eternal peace.

Tom Quinn
Provincial Grand Master
31 July, 2019

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