Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

An Easter message from the Provincial Grand Chaplain

During this month, some of the most important religious festivals of the year, including Passover, Easter, Vaisakhi and Ramadan are celebrated by the Brethren of our Mark Province of London, who make up the many Faiths which constitute the strength and diversity of our Province.

The Biblical story of Easter contains messages and lessons for us all, as it involves elements of tragedy and triumph. That first Good Friday saw the defeat and destruction of that which was good, right and true. Seemingly crushed and destroyed by suffering and death.

But this was followed by the triumphant Easter message – a message consistent with many religions – which speaks of life and hope, a message which addresses the fears and suffering that continue to assail humanity.

We think particularly at this time of the terrible suffering caused by the Coronavirus. Human bodies broken, lives taken, businesses laid waste, jobs lost and our regular activities curtailed. Yet, in the midst of such difficulty and suffering, we can often find glimmers of hope. All about us we witness acts of service and self-sacrifice, we see communities pulling together and people acting for the common good. We are reminded that there is an Easter for every situation, and that the cynical, mocking, spirit of evil, of hopelessness and despair has never had, nor will ever have, the last word.

So let this message of hope sustain us in these difficult days; life is more powerful than death, good is stronger than evil and even though we are surrounded by tragedy and loss, better times lie ahead.

Brethren, may the Great Overseer of the Universe bring us hope and encouragement and help to lift our eyes to that bright morning star whose rising will bring peace and salvation.

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