W. Bro. Chris James the Provincial Grand Junior Warden together with a select number of Provincial Grand Officers visit Woodard Lodge one of our Special Opportunities’ lodges on the 17th October 2018.

On the 17th October W. Bro. Chris James paid his first ever visit as the official representative of the Provincial Grand Master to Woodard Lodge. Although small in number the welcome we received as a delegation was very warm and friendly. Those of the delegation…

The DPGM W. Bro. Tom Quinn and the Master W. Bro. Michael Smith
W. bro. Graham Denman the last minute replacement E.O.
The PGM and the DPGM sporting matching waistcoats with the WM

The DPGM W. Bro. Tom Quinn and a delegation of Provincial Grand Officers visit Old Kent Lodge T.I. on 27th February 2018

Despite the snow, ice and the disrupted travel services an intrepid group of Provincial Grand Officers turned out to support the Deputy Provincial Grand Master when he paid his official visit to Old Kent lodge on the 27th February. For those of them who arrived…

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