Mark Masons' Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London

Consecration of Locomotion Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners 5 March 2022

“Trains, boats and planes, so began the 1960s song – well, we may not have any planes, but we certainly have the trains” which was the Opening Oration of Locomotion Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 2013 written by W. Bro. Christopher Damp (APGM Designate). The Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro. Thomas Quinn performed the Consecration Ceremony in a first class manner followed by the Deputy Grand Master R.W. Bo. John Herbert Prizeman who Installed W. Bro. Sir David Hugh Wootton as the Primus Commander.

Somebody once said, it is not the one who drives the train that sets its course – but the one who lays the tracks. The direction of any train is determined by those tracks that have been laid down for it to follow. The Locomotion Lodge has certainly laid down those moral and ethical tracks upon which they will do well to follow.

Following the ceremony, the Brethren gathered together for a bumper wine reception before enjoying a delightful banquet. A great time was had by all!

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