Executive visits

Executive visits

The last few weeks has seen members of the Executive out and about visiting a number of Lodges.

The PGM at Isma

On 21 February, Tom was at Scots Lodge and stood in for the WM to deliver an Advancement Ceremony to the standard we have come to expect from the PGM – as well as the Address to the Haggis at the Festive Board (for absolutely the last time this season, the PGM assures us!). The following day, Tom was at Isma where once again he was delighted to be able to help with the ceremonies and join in the fun of the Festive Board. And then the next day was the 150 year anniversary of Panmure Lodge, which was celebrated in a number of ways but especially with Candidates in both RAM and Mark.

On 26 February was the Consecration of the Khalsa Royal Ark Mariner (photos here) – a truly happy occasion where Tom was presented with a special Khalsa tartan tie, and of course a lovely bottle of something else Scottish!

The PGM with Attilio Grandani

Then on 28 February at the Installed Commanders’ Lodge everyone was delighted to see David James installed by Henry Hobson, and then at Installed Masters W.Bro. Dr Attilio Grandani delivered a most entertaining and enlightening presentation on the subject of online security. During his Address to the meeting the PGM announced the forthcoming appointment of W.Bro. Chris Damp as APGM in succession to V.W.Bro. David Lucas.

1 March saw John Ellis head up an 11-strong delegation to Johann Gutenburg Mark and R.A.M. Lodges to see the Installation of W. Bro. Robert Neufeld. John reports that “a smashing time was had by all.”

On 2 March Tom was honoured to be a guest of Metropolitan Grand Lodge where, “I was delighted to witness so many London Mark brethren receiving Met honours – principal among them Matthew Hampson who was invested as one of the Deputy Met Grand Masters. Tom said afterwards “Such a well deserved and popular appointment by the Metropolitan Grand Master”.

The following night Tom was at Athlumney Menatschim R.A.M. Lodge where he was delighted to take the Chair and along with a few stalwarts from Grand Master’s Lodge of Instruction he Elevated a Brother. The brethren dined afterwards at MMH where Tom took the opportunity to take wine with the Pro Minimus brethren and their candidate.

Locomotion R.A.M. Consecration

And then on 5 March, there was the Consecration of Locomotion R.A.M. Lodge where Tom was ably “assisted” in the formalities of the day by the Deputy Grand Master who Installed the Primus Commander, none other than Sir David Wootton (photos coming soon!).

On 7 March, John Ellis was at his Mother Mark Lodge – St. John’s Wood – for an Installation. Bro. Peter Lovell was being installed by W.Bro. Shane Clapham from the Grand Master’s Lodges of Instruction, who John had invited to conduct the ceremony as the WM felt he couldn’t deliver a ceremony to the standard Peter deserved. If you find ritual a struggle, the GMLoI is here to help – details can be found here.

9 March found John, accompanied by a delegation, at Michenden Oak R.A.M. and Mark Lodges at Southgate Masonic Centre, where there was an Installation in the R.A.M. and an Advancement in the Mark – followed by a very convivial Festive Board.

On 14 March there was a Full Team Visit in support of the PGM, which included Tim MacAndrews, John Ellis and the PPGM David Ashbolt.

FTV to FitzRoy Lodge

On this occasion it was a trip to Armoury House, the Honourable Artillery Company’s HQ, for a meeting of FitzRoy Lodge where we witnessed a brilliant Advancement Ceremony led by V.W. Bro. Nigel Scott-Moncrieff and a beautifully presented lecture on the Mark Tracing Board given by R.W. Bro. Graham Redman. There followed an exquisite Festive Board, much enjoyed by all.

The following day started with another morning Zoom session for the PGM and some of the volunteer supporters to begin detailed discussions on the production of the next Provincial Year Book. Covid has rather got in the way of the necessary updates to this important publication but we are moving towards the creation and printing of the 2022/23 edition. After that session the PGM jumped in the car and drove to Southend’s Saxon Hall for meetings of the Essex Installed Commanders and Masters and Lodges. V.W. Bro. David James and the PGM are respectively Commander and Master of London’s equivalent and they were right royally entertained and welcomed by the PGM of Essex, R.W. Bro. Terry Sheern. V.W. Bro. David Lucas is an Essex man too apparently!

And on Wednesday 16th it was the turn of Camden Lodge to receive the Province at its meeting place in the Civil Service Club. A small but distinguished Delegation was welcomed and entertained with the Installation of W. Bro. Stephen Henderson into the Chair of Adoniram followed by the Elevation of 2 candidates into Camden R.A.M. Lodge – sensitively managed within the confines of a small Lodge room by the Worshipful Commander and his team. This busy week ended on Saturday with a visit by the PGM to the Province of Surrey’s Annual Meeting at Croydon.



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