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Special Opportunity Lodges

There are a small number of Lodges within the Mark Province of London which may be able to provide a relatively rapid progression to the Office of Worshipful Master, for Brethren who demonsrate application and commitment to the Mark Ceremony and Ritual.

These Lodges have been designated “Special Opportunity Lodges”.

Such Lodges may be of particular interest to Brethren Advanced in to Lodges where progression to the Office of Worshipful Master may take an especially long time or may, because of membership numbers, simply not be possible at all.

Some of these Special Opportunity Lodges have a long history in Mark Masonry and, as with everything in life, there is a balance of mutuality whereby the Brother joining that Lodge will become a vibrant part of the Lodge and by bringing like minded, enthusiastic Brethren along as Guests – or maybe new joining Members – will substantially add to the stability and growth of its future.

These Lodges are out there to offer you a unique opportunity to progress through the Chair and you will find masses of support from them in your Masonic journey.

Of course, if you are already a Past Master and would like to consider becoming a joining Member, you can be assured that your expertise will be gratefully received by the Lodge and hopefully lead to a very fulfilling association.

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Special Opportunity Lodges


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